Each of us are at different levels of learning, writing, and reading. We all find ourselves needing to spend more time thinking about Jesus and all His goodness... to us and those around us that need to be reminded.

LITTLE STEPS is a precious way to teach us the beauty of having things organized and having a clearer picture before us, of God's promises, both now and for our future.

The key words are all arranged right-reading and downward. After each of the words are found in the puzzle, see if they can be located in God's Word.

Then make the puzzle even more fun by tearing an EXTRA COPY of the puzzle into pieces and have contest to see who can fit the puzzle together first.

This puzzle can even be done in a jungle clearing where God has provided large leaves in place of paper.

After the puzzle is fit together, turn all the pieces over and try to fit it together again.

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